"Buy The Software You Use"

IMSTA works to spread this message to as many people as possible worldwide. This slogan has been translated to many different languages and is used by our member companies in countries around the world. One of our primary missions is to change piracy behavior by educating consumers about the negative effects of software piracy.

IMSTA hosts IMSTA FESTA throughout North America, a one-day celebration of music technology. The goal is to encourage the legal use of software and to educate the end-users on the negative effects of software piracy. This is done via Professional Panels, Seminars/Workshops and Master classes plus company exhibits.

Every year, to share this message IMSTA will:

  • Partner with a school to host IMSTA FESTA in multiple locations throughout North America on an annual basis. Inviting and involving the surrounding music community at each location.
  • Conduct end-user surveys.
  • Organize contests to promote the legal use of software.
  • Invite educational institutions to participate and spread IMSTA's message to their students and alumni.
  • Design and implement new piracy awareness and educational campaigns.