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May 19, 2018
July 21, 2018

Grand Prize Winners

At the end of each year, 1st place winners from each IMSTA FESTA will enter for the Grand Prize from which, the winning "Song of the Year" will be selected. The Grand Prize winner, in addition to prizes, will win a FREE trip to a songwriting camp hosted by Black Rock Studios in Santorini Greece.

Mademe X: Queen

Congratulations to Mademe X who has won the grand prize of going to a songwriting camp at Black Rock Studios on Santorini Island in Greece.

In Toronto, Mademe X made money selling music at a record store by day, to make music at night. “I wrote, produced and arranged everything, but I still needed someone to press the damn buttons and bring it to life while I sang in the booth,” she says. “Doing it on your own is like playing a jukebox, the music only plays when you insert the coins.” And coin by coin, her first single was born.

Q.U.E.E.N sounds like an introspective slow burner at first, but it warns you it will catch fire in lyrics like “I know just what I’m doing, I know just where I’m supposed to be,” which segues into an empowering and powerful chorus that clings to your head. You soon realize that the song reads like a battle plan, one that spends little time dwelling on the casualties of life’s daily wars, choosing instead to clamour for a crown; and your ears.

Hailing from Toronto, Mademe X has been getting her elbows greased in the industry for some time. Since 2011, she had found her way into the pit of the industry, working behind the scenes with fashion designers for many well known recording artists. After a few years of being behind the curtain, a manager of an artist she was working with shifted her journey to musical composition.

You can find a gallery of her trip to Santorini Island here.

Adam Avery: Half Way to You

Congratulations to Adam Avery who has won the grand prize of going to a songwriting camp at Black Rock Studios on Santorini Island in Greece.

Adam Avery is an ASCAP songwriter who lives with his wife and four children in Burlington, Vermont. He earned his first cut in 2012 when his song Redefined, was recorded by Chicago based band, Daniel's Window. His other recent songwriting accomplishments include:

  • Song placement in the 2014 film, Touched By Grace
  • Finalist in the 2014 USA Songwriting Contest (over 45,000 entries)
  • Finalist in 2014 International Songwriting Competition (over 18,000 entries)
  • Winner of the Songwriter Universe Song of the Month Contest in July 2014
  • Finalist in the 2013 Great American Song Contest
  • Finalist in the 2013 Show Me The Music Contest

Adam focuses primarily in the pop & country genres, but is always looking for co-writing opportunities that grow and stretch him as a writer. If he's learned anything about songwriting, it's that the destination is the journey.

You can find a gallery of his trip to Santorini Island here.