RICHard chycki
Recording Engineer

Originally from Toronto, Rich Chycki is an accomplished mixer, engineer and producer who as worked with the biggest and most recognized acts in the Rock and Roll dynasty. His sensitivity, knowledge and talent has let him to work with Aerosmith, Mick Jagger, Rush, Def Leppard, Seal, Pink, P. Diddy, and many more. Chycki enjoys working across genres, saying, “I’m a music fan, first and foremost. I have to be drawn to the personae, the songs, the sound and the excitement. Good music is good music, regardless of genre.” In addition to his technical skills, Chycki’s humorous studio manner and iconoclastic approach to album-making scores strong support from the artists he works with. Chycki most often gets the call to work with guitar-centric artists. He says, "I love guitar - the bigger and heavier the better!" Chycki is also wellknown in the business for his pioneering mix work in 5.1 surround.