Everyone involved with music software has a vested interest in preserving it as a viable, sustainable business. If you are a software manufacturer you need revenue to keep on making and marketing your software. If you are a distributor or reseller your inventory of software represents a significant investment. If you are an end user, you want your investment to survive the test of time and adapt to changes in technology. You want the company to be there in the future. At IMSTA our goal is to reduce piracy. We believe that this is achievable if everyone involved in the software market makes a contribution. Even a small contribution can have an impact.

If you are a manufacturer, retailer, distributor, rep firm or publication we need your help and your input in this effort. Our mission is to reduce software theft through education. We aim to impart to the public at large the great value of software. Software has changed the music production landscape and deserves to be protected. We imagine a world where peers frown upon software theft and deem socially unacceptable. These are lofty goals indeed but they are highly achievable over a period of many years with constant education.

By joining IMSTA you do your part to help stem the tide of runaway software theft. A single voice standing up against software theft has an impact; 2 voices even more; 3, 4, . . . 100 . .

"We can make a difference. If we didn't believe this, we wouldn't be doing this."




It's not an overnight process but one that will take many years. We are in this for the long haul and we need your help to make an impact in this very serious problem. The price of failure is the certain erosion and eventual disappearance of software innovation, choice, and selection, as Piracy continues to drive talent out of our industry and software companies into bankruptcy. We love music software and soundware and we believe it deserves to be saved.


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