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IMSTA FESTA NYC | Sept 24, 2016

SAE Institute New York | 218 West 18th Street 

On Saturday September 24th, the International Music Software Trade Association (IMSTA) and SAE Institute New York host IMSTA FESTA, a celebration of music technology packed with PanelsWorkshops & Master ClassesDemonstrations and so much more . Hosting industry experts in an environment where music-makers can network, interact and learn with them face-to-face, this annual one-day event is not to be missed.


IMSTA FESTA is a FREE event open to everyone in the music making community; professional and semi-professional musicians, songwriters, music producers, and audio engineers, as well as music students and educators.


Admission is FREE with REGISTRATION.

Event Highlights:

  • Register for a FREE class in the IMSTA Master Class Series featuring the most coveted products from your favorite companies.
  • Visit all of the exhibits to get hands-on experience and even win software!
  • Attend the IMSTA Panel Series with industry experts to network and learn.
  • Bring your Song in to have it reviewed by an expert who will provide you with a professional critique. Song Reviews between 2-5pm.
  • Enter your original song submission into our 2016 Songwriting Competition to win the opportunity to attend Black Rock Studio's in Santorini, Greece! (NY submission deadline is September 2nd, 2016)
  • Be sure to take advantage of the specials offered via AudioDeluxe only for the weekend of IMSTA FESTA NY on September 24, 2016.

IMSTA FESTA | September 24, 2016

Hosted by SAE Institute New York



Sponsors & Partners:
Founded in Grenoble (France) in 1999, ARTURIA specializes in the development of music software and hardware for both the professional and amateur musician. Focusing on innovation, the company strives to integrate the latest advances in computer music research and technology into their products. This involves working closely with partner research institutions, such as IRCAM France, in the development of leading edge musical instruments and software, the results of which have gone on to been used in the making of numerous hit records and Hollywood sound tracks.
Audio Fusion

Audio Fusion is an audio technology company founded in 2014. We specialize in bringing the experience of professional audio to new platforms like Virtual Reality and The Web. We are driven to help our community grow as audio professionals and engineers.

We LOVE what we work on. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.


Avid will be showcasing Pro Tools® 12 software at IMSTA FESTA. Compose, record, edit, and mix high-quality music or sound for picture—on a Mac or PC—using Pro Tools. Design the perfect setup for your needs with a wide array of Pro Tools solutions—from hardware interfaces and consoles to software, plug-ins, and more. Through Avid Everywhere, Avid delivers one of the industry's most open, innovative and comprehensive media platform connecting content creation with collaboration, asset protection, distribution and consumption for the most listened to, most watched and most loved media in the world—from the most prestigious and award-winning feature films, music recordings, and television shows, to live concerts and news broadcasts. Industry leading solutions include Pro Tools®, Media Composer®, ISIS®, Interplay®, and Sibelius®. For more information about Avid solutions and services, visit www.avid.com

Blue Cat Audio

Blue Cat Audio develops audio software for musicians and audio professionals. We create real time audio processing plugins for the PC and Mac platforms, in VST, Audio Unit, RTAS, AAX and DirectX formats: you can find on this website professional audio effects and innovative audio analysis tools to transform your Digital Audio Workstation into a professional audio processing environment.


Celemony Software GmbH is a German music software company that specializes in digital audio pitch correction software. It produces Melodyne, a unique audio editor with advanced pitch and time editing tools that has become the industry standard.

Melodyne has been adopted by a large number of music, game, and film professionals worldwide to create, edit and manipulate vocals and instruments in audio files signals, or generate MIDI data from audio files. Melodyne DNA, or Direct Note Access, allows for independent manipulation of individual notes within chords and polyphonic recordings.

D16 Group

D16 Group Audio Software officially launched in 2006 with the aim of producing virtual instruments and effects for producers and musicians who required top quality and inspiration in their music. Today, D16 Group Audio Software have become a premium audio plug-ins vendor. Continuously high level of quality and will of improvement allow us to deliver virtual instruments that sets the new standard of sound perfection and effects that brings creativity for the next level. Solid trust from audio community and respect for products fruitful in many rewards make the D16 Group Audio Software company of choice for many musicians around the globe.


Our more than 40 years in the business is testament to our dedicated delivery of relevant products that artists are excited to record with. What started in a New York basement in 1971 has become a ubiquitous name in audio broadcasting and recording. We’ve revolutionized the industry with our H910, Harmonizer, Instant Phaser, and we’re incorporating today’s technology with more recent favorites like our stompboxes and plug-ins. 


At FabFilter, we make the best possible tools for music production and audio processing. To achieve this, we continually rethink and challenge industry standards: we've never been afraid of reinventing the wheel. Considering every little detail, we tune our algorithms and interfaces until they sound perfect, look amazing and feel great to work with.


Focusrite continues to innovate and build on its world-class reputation in both analogue and digital environments, combining the company's enviable heritage with the latest technology to create music recording tools of the highest quality, from the ISA Series to the very latest DSP-powered computer audio interfaces, award-winning preamps and digital conversion systems that are second to none.

Focusrite. Sound is everything.


FXpansion has been one of the industry's foremost independent music software developers since 1999. Headquartered in London, with a worldwide team of creative engineers and passionate musicians, the company has established a growing range of plug-ins and applications which consistently win press awards and inspire a large and devoted userbase.

FXpansion's mission is to push the boundaries of audio software. Its products introduce fresh ideas and new musical possibilities while providing intuitive, usable interfaces for creative people to harness technology for artistic expression. 

IK Multimedia
IK Multimedia Production is an international music software company which develops music software designed to take advantage of personal computer performance and revolutionize the way people compose and play music. IK’s product line includes the AmpliTube family, the ARC System, Miroslav Philharmonik, SampleTank, Sonik Synth, and T-RackS.

Its unique approach to innovative music software has allowed the development of one of the widest and fastest growing range on the market: from DJ and re-mixing to loop and sound collections & high-quality effects processors for the studio to cutting-edge software musical instruments for keyboard players and guitarists.

Image Line

Image-Line is a Belgium based company that produces innovative and leading music applications for computer-based music producers, musicians and sound-designers. Their flagship product, FL Studio (formerly FruityLoops), is downloaded over 30,000 times every day making it one of the world's most popular Digital Audio Workstation applications. Image Line products include: FL Studio, FL Studio Mobile (Android & iOS), FL Studio Groove (Windows 8), Deckadance, and EZGenerator. Their VST Plugins include: Autogun, Deckadance, DirectWave, Drumaxx, Edison, Groove Machine, Gross Beat, Hardcore, Harmless, Maximus, Harmor, Morphine, Newtone, Ogun, Pitcher, Poizone, Sakura, Sawer, Toxic Biohazard, Vocodex, and Wasp.


KResearch comprises of a group of highly motivated professionals which except of their technical related expertise in effect design and software development, are all involved in musical related activities from composition, performance or production of music.

Our aim is to develop innovative products with rich unique feature sets based on our in house research and development.

McDSP is an innovative Silicon Valley audio software company founded in 1998 by Colin McDowell. Beginning with the release of pioneering equalizer plug-in FilterBank for the Pro Tools digital audio workstation, McDSP has continued producing industry acclaimed and award-winning software titles for the pro audio market.

Such products include the 6030 Ultimate Compressor, Analog Channel, DE555 De-esser, and Synthesizer One. McDSP also licenses audio algorithm IP for use in many other fields including gaming audio and iPhone application development.

Native Instruments
Native Instruments is a leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computer-based music production and performance. Native Instruments products combine outstanding sound quality with far-reaching sonic possibilities, aesthetic interface design with high usability, and comprehensive functionality with an uncompromising attention to detail.

Today, Native Instruments offers an extensive hardware and software product line that covers the whole field of digital music creation, including REAKTOR, MASSIVE, KONTAKT, BATTERY, and MASCHINE. Native Instruments is also spearheading the digital DJ revolution with its TRAKTOR product range. Native Instruments sees itself as a part of a vibrant international music scene, and is in constant communication with artists whose feedback is integrated into the conception and continuous improvement of the products.


With the increasing importance of software in the synthesiser field, Novation expanded its range of keyboard controllers and other innovative control surfaces for musicians and producer/performers, fully integrated with powerful software to form the perfect range of gear to play, create and perform music.

Novation gear is designed by musicians and producers who use the gear they design every day. That's why bedroom producers and A-list artists alike use our kit: it's been designed by and for musicians. And we're always looking for fresh ideas – so if you have something in mind, get in touch.

From studio to stage, Novation frees you to make your music, your way – like never before.



NUGEN Audio creates innovative, intuitive professional audio tools for high-end music producers, post-production engineers and broadcasters. Reflecting the real-world production experience of the design team, the company's products make it easier to deliver better quality, save time and reduce costs. NUGEN Audio's tools for audio analysis, loudness metering, mixing/mastering and tracking are used by the world's top names in broadcast, music and audio production.


Throughout the years, PreSonus has developed innovative professional and affordable tools to the music creation industry with the purpose of enhancing the music creation and production process. The signature product developed by Presonus is Studio One, which is an integrated approach to recording music, from tracking to mixing to mastering and distribution. It’s a creative environment built for intuitive use, speed, and efficiency–and yet it’s robust enough for the most complex productions.

The following are other award-winning product innovations by Presonus: DigiMax (2000) – The first 8-channel microphone preamplifier with ADAT output.; FireStation (2002) – One of the first FireWire multi-channel computer recording systems; Central Station (2004) – First monitor controller with talkback; FirePod (2004) – First FireWire recording system with 8 microphone preamplifiers; INSPIRE 1394 (2005) – First daisy-chainable, compact FireWire recording system; FireStudio (2006) – First FireWire recording system with integrated remote control for surround and stereo capable speaker switching and communications.

Prism Sound has been supplying successful high quality analogue and digital studio products for 24 years. Originally set up as an R&D consultancy developing designs for pro and consumer audio companies, Prism Sound now manufactures its own high-end recording and mastering products, as well as audio test and measurement equipment and networked audio logging systems.



Formed in 1994, Propellerhead Software is a privately owned company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Renowned for its musician-centric approach, Propellerhead has created some of the world's most innovative music software applications, interfaces and technology standards.

Musicians, producers and the media have praised Reason, ReCycle and ReBirth applications for being inspiring, great sounding and of superior quality. Technologies such as ReWire and the REX file format are de-facto industry standards, implemented in all major music software.

Today, Propellerhead's products are used all over the world by hundreds of thousands of professionals and enthusiasts for all kinds of music making.


Rob Papen

Rob Papen virtual synthesizers define the cutting edge of contemporary music production: powerful instruments and plug-ins that bring together innovative design, uncompromising sound quality, and musical, production-grade presets to make your tracks shine.

Try out one of our demos today and discover why owners call their Rob Papen
synthesizers and plug-ins "Inspiration Soundware".


Slate Digital
Slate Digital is a Digital Signal Processing Company specializing in software for the Pro Audio Industry. It was founded in 2008 by Steven Slate and Fabrice Gabriel.

The company has recently produced some of the most talked about plugins in the Industry. The Trigger Drum Replacer, FG-X Virtual Mastering processor, and Virtual Console Collection have all received numerous awards, and have become standards in the field.
For over 30 years Solid State Logic has been at the leading edge of pro audio technology development. Devotion to excellence, technological innovation and a deep understanding of the needs of users has enabled SSL to design and manufacture a wealth of ground breaking products that enable engineers and producers to work faster and sound better. The legacy continues with a current product portfolio that offers benchmark audio quality and streamlined workflow solutions for everyone from the project studio producer to large scale commercial recording facilities. www.solidstatelogic.com

SoundToys is dedicated to bringing color, character, and creativity to the world of digital audio. We’re truly fanatical about audio toys – both creating new ones and collecting old ones. Our toy collection runs from the ‘classic’ gear like the EQP-1, 1176, 1073, LA-2, 550a, ATR-102 (all the must-have numbers) to pedals and effects like Binson EchoRec, JetPhase, EP-1, Federal Compressors, FuzzFaces, Dim-D, Tri-Stereo Chorus, and on, and on…. All of this stuff is great inspiration for us, and helps us to know what ‘good’ sounds like. We’ll try to get some pictures of our toy collection on-line, soon.


Sonnox Ltd. is the leading designer of innovative and high quality audio processing plug-ins for professional audio engineers. The Oxford Plug-ins are used in an extraordinary range of applications including mixing for music production, live sound, broadcast, TV & feature film audio post production, and even scientific and forensics projects. The Sonnox design team can trace its heritage back to the development of the legendary Oxford OXF-R3 recording console, which was quickly adopted by major recording studios worldwide. With the music production process shifting to digital workstations, the OXF-R3 inspired a series of unique software developments resulting in the Oxford EQ and Dynamics plug-ins being created from the console's algorithms. The expanding family of Oxford Plug-ins quickly acquired a reputation for excellence among leading engineers worldwide; a reputation that was earned through a no-compromise attitude to audio performance and a desire to push the boundaries in intuitive and novel user interfaces.

The Sonnox design team has forged a select group of powerful plug-in tools, many of which are award-winning. These include: The SuprEsser, a highly efficient de-esser and dynamic EQ; The Restore Suite for sophisticated audio restoration; and most recently, the revolutionary Fraunhofer Pro-Codec, a real-time plug-in for auditioning and encoding audio to multiple formats including iTunes.


Spitfire produces the finest virtual instruments from the finest musical samples in the world. It is a beacon of quality not just for it's own productions but the endorsements it offers to third party sample developers and fellow sound smiths it goes into production partnerships with. At the heart of Spitfire's evolution is the greatest recorded selection of orchestral samples on the planet thus far, alongside a recent expansion in scope to cover all areas of the music spectrum.


Steinberg has been providing award-winning music and media production tools to music, game, and film professionals since 1984. Today, Steinberg is one of the world's largest manufacturers of audio software and hardware, with more than 1.5 million users worldwide using Cubase, Nuendo, Wavelab, and Halion.

The Steinberg range of products is used in all aspects of modern digital audio processing. These products form the backbone of facilities specializing in music composition and production, mastering, restoration, broadcast, sound design, audio post for the film industry among many others.

Wave Arts

Wave Arts focuses on professional grade audio processing software for embedded systems and professional audio applications. Millions of consumers and audio professionals worldwide benefit every day from the research and technology produced by Dr. Gardner and the Wave Arts team in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Wholegrain Digital

Wholegrain Digital Systems LLC makes new and unusual signal processors for digital audio.


Audio Deluxe

With proven expertise, dedicated excellence, and lightning fast delivery we may be the new go-to store that you never knew you always needed.

With over 20 years of hands-on recording industry experience--exclusively selling to major studios and Grammy-winning producers and engineers--under our collective belts, we bring new meaning to the phrase “industry insider.”


Broadjam provides web-based promotional tools and services for independent musicians, the music industry and fans around the world. One of the world's largest web communities focused on independent music, Broadjam.com hosts a massive online database of searchable songs by artists from all 50 U.S. states and over 150 countries worldwide.

Broadjam helps its tens of thousands of musicians and bands promote their music online. Musicians use Broadjam to, sell music downloads, submit music to film & TV supervisors, build a fan base of Broadjam listeners, enter contests to win prizes and exposure, buy music software, get a musician's website.

Electronic Musician
Electronic Musician is a monthly magazine featuring articles on synthesizers, music production and electronic musicians. It is not merely a recording magazine as it covers all aspects of music production—performance, recording and technology, from studio to stage.

With in-depth coverage on today’s most influential music makers, reviews and analysis of the latest music technology and hands-on production techniques, the new Electronic Musician delivers editorial quality and audience reach like no other media brand does.

Keyboard Magazine

For more than 35 years, Keyboard has forged a legacy of leadership in providing technical know-how to keyboard players, composers, and producers. From lessons penned by music's brightest stars, to hands-on workshops that help players master the latest tools, to the most heavily-cited equipment reviews in the business, Keyboard is a place to learn which notes to play and which knobs to turn—empowering musicians of all styles and skill levels to use music technology the way they want to.

Grammy Producers & Engineers' Wing
The Producers & Engineers Wing is comprised of more than 5,500 producers, engineers, remixers, manufacturers, technologists, and other related music recording industry professionals; when you join The Recording Academy in the category of producer or engineer, you also become a member of the P&E Wing. As a national membership initiative of The Recording Academy, the Wing provides a vehicle to reach a specific constituency, to craft advocacy positions, and to better address the daily concerns of these individuals.

This organized voice for the creative and technical recording community uses its nationwide network of experts to address critical issues affecting the art and craft of recorded music. Among these issues are: the development and adoption of new technologies; recommendations for best practices in recording, master delivery, archiving and preservation; and support for both music education and education in the recording arts.

Masterdisk, founded in 1973 and owned and operated by mastering engineer Scott Hull since 2008, is “one of the most enduring mastering facilities in the world” (Mix magazine). We’re proud of our heritage, having mastered countless classic records from the heart of NYC. We continue to master music for some of the world’s biggest artists and labels. We also master music for independent artists from all over the world every day. We specialize in mastering for CD, vinyl, surround, download, and M4iT (mastered for iTunes).

NAMMthe National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), commonly called NAMM in reference to the organization's popular NAMM trade shows, is the not-for-profit association that promotes the pleasures and benefits of making music and strengthens the $17 billion global music products industry. Our association—and our trade shows—serve as a hub for people wanting to seek out the newest innovations in musical products, recording technology, sound and lighting. NAMM's activities and programs are designed to promote music making to people of all ages.

 Platinum Sound
Platinum Sound Recording Studios was founded in 2000 by Wyclef Jean of The Fugees and Jerry ‘Wonda’ Duplessis, multi-platinum Grammy Award winning producer. The two came together with the goal of giving artists an unparalleled studio experience. By focusing on sound quality, productivity, and privacy, they have created a truly world-class space where artists instantly feel right at home, able to get into their creative flow and record the next big hit.

Platinum Sound

NUGEN Audio creates innovative, intuitive professional audio tools for high-end music producers, post-production engineers and broadcasters. Reflecting the real-world production experience of the design team, the company's products make it easier to deliver better quality, save time and reduce costs. NUGEN Audio's tools for audio analysis, loudness metering, mixing/mastering and tracking are used by the world's top names in broadcast, music and audio production.


SAE Institute

SAE Institute NY is located in the heart of Chelsea, Manhattan’s tech district at 218 W 18th Street, 4th Floor,

New York, NY , 10011. SAE Institute New York trains for careers in the Audio Industry. In addition to traditional lecture-style classes, we emphasize hands-on training and individual studio time, and provide facilities reflective of a professional workplace environment.

SAE faculty provide industry standard best practices in the career fields we teach, so our graduates are prepared for entry-level industry jobs. Graduates also have the distinct advantage of joining SAE’s 30-year-old International Alumni Network, comprised of industry professionals all over the world.

Sound On Sound

Welcome to SOUND ON SOUND, the world's premier music recording technology magazine. Based in Cambridge, England and independently-owned, we've been delivering our quality monthly print magazine since 1985. This web site houses our continually-expanding archive of highly informative articles (from January 1994) that chart the impact of technology on the music production and recording processes.

SOUND ON SOUND has consistently remained at the forefront of music recording technology since it was launched in 1985 on the UK's Channel 4 TV top music show The Tube by the visionary SOS Publications Group, championing the convergence of MIDI, computer technology and recording equipment that continues to revolutionise the music production industry today, 30 years later.


SonicScoop is an online magazine and community bridging the New York City-area music, sound and recording industries. Founded in 2009 by audio journalists Janice Brown and David Weiss, SonicScoop covers the widening world of music production with behind-the-scenes studio news and features on contemporary recording methods, technical insights and gear reviews by local producer/engineers, studio and music business innovations, and more.


SAE Institute - New York
218 West 18th Street - 4th floor
New York, NY 10011
Telephone: (212) 944-9121




Register below for a FREE class in the IMSTA Master Class Series featuring the most coveted products from your favorite companies.


GRAMMY-winning mixing engineer Ariel Borujow has worked with Notorious B.I.G, Madonna, Kanye West, and Andrea Bocelli. Ariel will discuss how Soundtoys plug-ins contribute to his special brand of “in-the-box” mixing, in which he will be showing off one of his real EDM mixes, divulging secrets and tips from his workflow, and answering questions about his creative mixing process.

GRAMMY-winning mixing engineer Ariel Borujow has worked with Notorious B.I.G, Madonna, Kanye West, and Andrea Bocelli. Ariel will discuss how Soundtoys plug-ins contribute to his special brand of “in-the-box” mixing, in which he will be showing off one of his real EDM mixes, divulging secrets and tips from his workflow, and answering questions about his creative mixing process.

MASTER CLASSES 2:00PM 3:00PM 4:00PM 5:00PM
Steinberg Creative Beat Creation
Cubase Pro & Groove Agent

This Master Class will show the advanced Creative Beat Creation and Drum Editing tools within Cubase Pro and Groove Agent. This is perfect for anyone who makes beats or wants to learn quick ways to program drum tracks.

Vocal Tuning & Editing
Harmony Creation & Vari Audio

This Master Class shows the many powerful features in Cubase Pro for Vocal Tuning, Editing, and harmony generation using Vari Audio and Chord Track.
This is not to be missed if you are working with vocal production at home or in a professional environment.

Tempo Control
Edit Live Performances

This Master Class shows step-by-step how to take full Tempo Control and Editing for Live Band Performances using Cubase Pro. This is perfect for anyone recording music that is organic and not possible or desirable to record against a click.

Mastering & Enhancing
Wavelab Pro Wizardry

This Master Class show the plethora of features in WaveLab Pro designed for Mastering and Enhancing Audio for Distribution. This is ideally suited for anyone interested in Mastering their tracks at home or in the studio.


Focusrite Novation
Interface & Circuit Secrets

This class is two in one! With Focusrite Interface – Clarett Thunderbolt audio interface for the first half. The second half delves into Novation Circuit – 2 poly-synths, 4 part drum machine in a standalone groove box. A packed hour that should not be missed!

Reason 9 Workshop
Radical Music Marking 1

This Master Class is designed for Reason users who want to get more knowledge and skills about Propellerhead Reason 9. Get exclusive tips from NYC Hip Hop producer Mike Kuz. Learn how to combine Reason with your DAW to fire up your productions and much, much more.

Mixing Tips & Tricks

GRAMMY-winning mixing engineer Ariel Borujow [Notorious B.I.G, Madonna, Kanye West] will discuss how Soundtoys plug-ins contribute to his special brand of "in-the-box" mixing. He will be showcasing off a real EDM mix, divulging secrets and tips from his workflow.


IK Multimedia
Lurssen Mastering Console

Join Product Specialist Derrick Floyd as he explains how you can use the ground-breaking Lurssen Mastering Console to get your song closer to a final master ready for the radio. Listen as this software transforms regular mixes into masterpieces.

McDSP Active EQ
AE400 EQ Deep Dive

Learn how to use the active processing in the ML8000 Advanced Limiter in conjunction with our award-winning and patented limiter algorithm. The ML8000 Advanced Limiter is more than just a multi-band limiter, it's a tool for shaping and defining the elements of a mix or track you need to control or enhance.

Celemony Melodyne 4
Vocal Tuning & Sound Editor

Ray Williams shows how to use the new Sound Editor in Melodyne 4 to shape of your sound in new revolutionary ways, the new musically intelligent Harmonic EQ and the Resynthesis Engine and new way to tie into your DAW. Check out the Tempo detection that truly puts the human in charge of the machine.

CLASSROOM 4 FabFilter Pro-Q 2
Visual EQ Revolution

With unrivaled sound quality and workflow, FabFilter Pro-Q 2 has taken the music production world by storm because of incredible sound quality and a gorgeous use interface. Learn how to sculpt sounds using the Spectrum Grab feature, Match EQ, Mid/Sides processing and much more.

Native Instruments
New Tools, New Music with NI

Gain insight into new hardware and software from NI to expand your creative workflow within Maschine and Komplete. Learn how to start musical ideas and finish entire tracks from one unified system that unfolds its full potential when combined.

Native Instruments
New Tools, New Music with NI

Gain insight into new hardware and software from NI to expand your creative workflow within Maschine and Komplete. Learn how to start musical ideas and finish entire tracks from one unified system that unfolds its full potential when combined.


PreSonus Studio One
Studio One Basics

This Master Class is ideal for new users and people checking out Studio One to see what it can do and how it works. You will learn about: Instrument tracks and Audio tracks and their differences; Audio Tracks Channel Mode; Panning basics ; Insert Effects and FX Channels and Mixing 101.


PreSonus Studio One
Studio One Advanced

This Class is geared for advanced Studio One users. In this Masterclass you will learn about: The Arranger Track; Using Audio Bend; Using the Scratch Pad 4; Working with loops and VST Instruments; The Studio 192 and Studio One Integration.




IMSTA is proud to host another exciting panel series during IMSTA FESTA featuring industry leaders and their fresh perspectives on music production. We are bringing together the best minds, innovators and companies in the business of music and audio for this 1-day networking event.


12:00PM | Keynote: Scott Jacoby

Keynote with Grammy Award-winning writer, producer: Scott Jacoby.




2:00PM | Mastering Bootcamp with Scott Hull

Scott Hull - chief engineer at Masterdisk 'gets under the hood' to examine the most common Mixing mistakes. You will learn; ways to correct these mistakes while learning what to focus on and what a Mastering engineer is really looking for. Submit your song now to be selected to be in the Hot Seat in a live-mastering session with Scott Hull. Spots are limited. Submit HERE before September 17th by 5:00pm EST.



3:00PM | FREEZE: Creative Output vs Equipment Input

Ernie Jackson, Professor of Music Production at Queensborough Community College convenes an insightful discussion focussing on elevating your creative output above your gear input.  Professor Jackson will examine strategies to put the gear you have to maximum creative use.  How to train your energy toward musical output above all other considerations. This is a vital discussion that must not be missed.



4:00PM | SUPER PANEL: Platinum Sound - Tales from the Mix

Join GRAMMY Award-Winning Producer Jerry Wonda and Engineers Serge Tsai and Roey Shamir in this panel that explores their strategies for recording and mixing in the box, on a console and hybrid style. See how their workflow adjust to different recording and mixing situations.  This panel is hot and you must register for this.